Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on 01/26/2018
Supports for da Vinci Students Transitioning to High School

Will all advanced courses be offered and taught at each high school?  If not, what is the plan to ensure that da Vinci students will get the courses they need that will provide the appropriate level of challenge?

The Green Bay School Area Public School District is committed to offering  advanced Chinese and Spanish courses at East High School and possibly Preble and at least one west-side high school. We will also offer many other advanced courses offered at East, Preble, Southwest and West. If a course does not run due to low enrollment, a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) will be developed to ensure that a student is able to access a course.

What happens when we have exhausted all of the advanced courses the district has to offer?  (Example… what happens after AP Spanish?)

At the high school level the district strives to have course offerings in each content area culminate in college level credit offerings including Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and dual credit (DC).  A wide variety of unique and rigorous courses are available in an online format as well.  Courses that are designated as DC involve a formal agreement with a postsecondary institution such as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College or the University of Wisconsin Green Bay.  When student needs go beyond what is offered within the high school setting, state law allows for students to seek postsecondary options via the ‘Start College Now’ and the ‘Early College Credit’ programs.  These programs will be new for the 2018 -19 school year, and replace what had previously been referred to as Course Options and Youth Options.  As the District is provided application forms and additional details to assist students and families in enrollment options for these programs, we will be sure to update our communications.

Will transportation be provided to the high school that the advanced course is offered at if the course is not held at the student’s high school of choice?

Currently we are exploring transportation options. Typically, however, transportation is not offered to attend courses that can be accessed through technology. However, if the DEP requires a student to physically attend the class, District transportation may be identified as a needed support.

When a student needs to take a course at a different high school, how does that work with his/her daily schedule?

A student who travels to a different high school will have the course scheduled during the first or last period of the day, coupled with a study hall to provide time to get to or from the high school where the class is being held.
Now that East High School is moving to a trimester system, how will that work with students from other schools needing to take a course at East?  How will the schedules work with different lengths of class, semester vs trimester, etc. 
Courses will still be scheduled either during the first or last hour of the day. Students will either travel back to their home school during their second period or to East during their sixth period. This will allow 34 minutes of travel time and students will be able to attend the full 75 minutes of class. 

It is important to note that at East High School a one credit course is offered over two trimesters. 

The 3rd trimester will provide students several options. They would be able to enroll in a one trimester course or elective. East High School is also looking at offering AP Prep courses during the 3rd trimester, which would last until the exams in May.

Additional questions?

For general transition questions, please contact Principal Tammy Van Dyke. Transition questions pertaining to high school, please contact the Student Services Department at the specific school.

  • East High- (920) 448-2092
  • Preble High- (920) 391-2402
  • West High - (920) 492-2602
  • Southwest High - (920) 492-2652
  • John Dewey Academy of Learning - (920) 448-2242
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